Finding a car rental company to lease/rent your car in Singapore?

space Going out stationed? But still paying those monthly instalment?
space Going overseas but don't know how to deal with your car?
space Monthly instalment giving you headache?
space Buying new car but don't know what to do with your current one?
space Not worth to sell away your car but don't know what to do with it?
space Cant afford to pay monthly instalment but will lose even more selling the car?
Lease out my car
with the following details:
Monthly instalment of vehicle
Year and make of vehicle
Color of vehicle
Auto or manual
Reason for leasing out your vehicle
Contact number

E-mail the details to:

 Monthly car instalment
 Owe bank money due to car sold
 Season parking
 Reposes of vehicle
 Monthly Servicing & Maintenance
 Cost of Rising Petrol
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